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Police confirmed that Vishwas G., the elder son of rickshaw driver Govindaraju and his wife Sunanda, drowned after a picnic near a 300-year-old temple.Sumanth A., one of the students, said: 'We had finished swimming and left for the Gundanjaneya temple and did not notice Vishwas's absence.'One of the students was replaying his selfie photos and noticed Vishwas drowning being captured in the frame.'He immediately alerted the NCC unit chief, Prof Girish, and other friends, and by the time they returned to the Kalyani, an hour had passed.Vishwas was nowhere to be seen.'Police said Prof Girish was present at the time but college authorities claimed that no faculty member had accompanied the students.Local police officers later pulled Vishwas's body from the water and his parents rushed to the scene after they were alerted by his friends.Modelling himself on Mahatmar Ghand, who he says is instantly recognisable in pictures wearing his glasses and a white towel, he has become something of a local sensation in his home city of Bangalore, India.

While films like Pink were about women and abuse, the ground reality is that there are very few who muster the courage to speak against abuse.Log kya kahenge syndrome The fear of what people might say or what people are already telling them of what they will say acts as a wall between the victim and her pursuit of justice.The fear of what people at home, the workplace or peer groups might say and the worry of being labelled 'bold' (which is ironically a bad word here) plays hindrance.This small step, which is ideally supposed to be a giant leap for womankind, seems far more bigger.The fact that no complaint has been registered in Bengaluru following the New Year's Eve sexual assault, which was documented in photographs, is not surprising.

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